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Simply Brilliant: Puchsia & Furple

LeAnn Stephenson

Classic and iconic . . . . Coco Chanel

I've always been a pink/fuchsia junkie and now purple is inching its way up the list as another favorite color.  I love both colors, most often together.  If you design a dress, bottle a perfume, glaze some china or snap a photo of a field with lavender or fuchsia or pink somewhere in it . . . . I'm hooked!

And just for funzies I like to transpose the first letters of the colors purple and fuchsia . . . . to each his own, as they say.  So recently I did a little research and discovered that purple symbolizes mystery, as well as royalty. And fuchsia is said to be associated with emotional stability . . . . which is why I guess I'm drawn to it . . . . I could always use a little more emotional stability . . . . just ask my psychopharmacologist!

Here are some very inspirational and brilliant images that I have pinned on Pinterest . . . hope you enjoy!

More brilliance! Fashion designer Katie Ermilio
Source: via LeAnn on Pinterest

Corrie Bond is a brilliant photographer!
Source: via LeAnn on Pinterest

Can you imagine the lovely fragrance?

"Lacque de Chine" ; Gold/Amethyst- Haviland.  hmmmmm . . . . I have a birthday coming up in June . . . . hint, hint!

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A New Addiction . . . . Like I Need One More of Those

LeAnn Stephenson

So, I've got to share a new addiction.... well, it's not really a NEW addiction, but it is an addiction!  Like I need one more of those - Am I right?!  It's called Pinterest.  So here's the deal, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.
Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people.  Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.  To get started, request an invite.

Today I would like to share a few of my boards with you . . . . So, here goes . . .

I love the gamine look that seems to be synonymous with Audrey Hepburn – you know, the put-together in an off hand manner – like she was just on her way to the market or something.  Also, the classically outfitted looks of Katherine Hepburn appeal to me, as well.

I transpose the first letters of the colors purple and fuchsia frequently.  I love both colors, most often together on a dress or in a painting, or in nature.  I've read that purple symbolizes mystery, as well as royalty.  And fuchsia is said to be associated with emotional stability....  which is why I guess I'm drawn to it .....  I could always use a little more emotional stability .... just ask my psychopharmacologist!

Yellow is the color of sunshine.  I associate it with joy, happiness, and creative energy.  The color yellow reminds me of my childhood, when the world around me seemed to be filled with peace and harmony.  Plus, yellow is the color of my favorite spice ....  saffron!

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Grafters: Film Biz Recycling

LeAnn Stephenson

Have you ever heard the saying, “Waste not want not?” Well, at Film Biz Recycling that is their mission and their sentiment is more like, "Waste NOT what can be used again!" By turning trash into treasure, creator Eva Radke has found a unique way to go green. Film Biz Recycling (FBR) is a not-for-profit organization, creating socially responsible and sustainable solutions from media industry waste - ya know, like from movies, TV, commercials, etc.

Since 2008, FBR has diverted over 180 tons of materials from landfills. And for optimum sustainability, FBR redistributes 60% of the donated materials acquired to charities and local organizations like, CAMBA, Materials for the Arts NYC, Sean Casey Animal Center, Chips, Recycle-A-Bicycle, The Gowanus Canal Conservancy, Blissful Bedrooms, and Hour Children.

Another rather groovy thing about Film Biz Recycling is that they operate a shop located in a 10,000 square-foot warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It's called FILM BIZ PROP SHOP, which creates awareness for their cause, as well as expands job employment in the “green biz” sector.

You can even get involved by becoming a sponsor, an intern or rethink your "downtime" by volunteering.

Well done FBR . . . . Well done!

Make sure to watch the short film above to learn more about Film Biz Recycle's mission and check out their marvelous site here.

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She's a Good Egg

LeAnn Stephenson

My chic, creative and talented friend Maureen Stevens of The Inglenook Decor found a marvelous use for some vintage wooden egg cups she found at my shop. Check it out here!

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An Abundance of Apparentlys

LeAnn Stephenson

So, I am a blogger.  (Apparently.)  I own a vintage boutique in Austin, Texas. (Apparently.)  Actually, that latter is more verifiable than the former statement.  So, taking those two facts alone into consideration mean that I am supposed to be professionally committed to making posts about vintage-y type things . . . . right?

But here's the thing - I'm a little bit inconsistent.  And by "a little bit inconsistent," I mean that  . . . (insert foot stomping, shrugging, eye rolls, and whining voice) It's hard to be a blogger, a business owner, a mother, a wife, and a whiny-butt all at the same time!!!  And in my world, when you let all of that stuff mingle together, something like me is the result.

And, what that really means, other than what it sounds like, is, "Sorry I haven't posted on the blog in while, but I've got some junk and some stuff to share . . . lots of it!"

Today I will begin with a Retro Redo that I've been working on.  I'll kinda tease you with the photos above and return later in the week to show you the finished product.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add this to the list . . . . . I'm a tease . . .

See you tomorrow and happy Tuesday!

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Say Four Hail Marys and a No You Di-ent!

LeAnn Stephenson

I will start by telling you that my entire existence can be summed up by one experience. And that is: You know how you walk into a room and as soon as you enter said room you can't remember why you're there? . . . . . THIS is everyday of my life. Well actually my life is more like a cocktail of that feeling and the cold sweat and the full-body paralysis you experience when you drive past a police officer going 50 mph when the speed limit is 35 mph. Basically, I wake every morning feeling like I've shown up without my homework, . . . . late, . . . . . . naked, . . . . most likely having burst into flames on my way there.

You know those driven, ultra-organized, over-achiever-type creatures who can do that multi-task thing? . . . . I'm the opposite, other kind of creature. The thing that blows my mind (and there are quite a few, which explains how little of it I have left) is how I'm the hogger of all the ADD and loser-moments in my little family. I will get my "to do list" finished . . . . eventually, but there might be a few mishaps along the way. Which brings me to a couple of funny stories that I wanted to share.

The first is a funny thing that happened on the way to an Etsy post. Last Saturday I received an email from an Etsy friend. She graciously complimented the piece I had listed and then mentioned a typo that existed that gave her a laugh, but was sure it was not what I had intended.

At the bottom of my furniture posts I put a little shpiel mentioning that due to the furniture's size, the piece requires a quote for shipping and instructions to e-mail or call me prior to purchasing. Well, where it would normally read "because of it's size" I had mistyped "because of tits size" . . . . . Gives a hole new meaning to "flat-rate," huh?!

My second flail occurred as the Hubbs, the kids, and I were shopping around in a local Catholic thrift store that we frequent. The store is run by the nuns - with the hats . . . . just like in The Sound of Music and everything! So, I find some goodies and take them up to the cash register and visit with the lovely sister about my purchases, when for some reason, feel the need to tell her that my husband is Catholic ( which is true). I continue by saying, "So, I guess that makes me a little Catholic by association (which I'm pretty sure is totally not true.) I do this . . . . I babel on and on in front of nuns, priests, ministers, pretty much all clergy types make me rattle on endlessly. Finally she hands me my receipt and says, "Have a blessed day," to which I would normally respond, "You as well" or "You also."  Only this time I had a "typo" of the mouth.  Instead of saying, "You as well or you also," I rearranged some letters, or my teeth got in the way of my tongue or something and I say, "You asshole" . . . . to a nun . . . in a Catholic thrift store . . . . . while my husband, children, and the parish priest stand staring at me with the most interesting looks on their faces. One enormously pregnant pause later, the nun looks at me, then to the priest and my family, and then back to me and says, " Oh no you di-ent!"

It's official, I'm going to hell . . .

Photo courtesy Fanpop

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Thingy Thursday: Lynn Goldfinger-Abram

LeAnn Stephenson

 Lynn Goldfinger-Abram, the woman behind the marvelous online store the Paris Hotel Boutique, is legendary in my brain. I have admired and coveted her business concept and collections of hotel silver and other paraphernalia ever since I saw an article in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine back in 2003. Little did I know at that time, that 7 years later, I would have the privilege of calling her my friend. I realize that sounds kinda "name-droppy" and smug, but, it's really just through bewildered appreciation that our paths ever had the opportunity to cross. Her beautiful shop carries more than just hotel silver though, her well-edited collections of vintage jewelry, books and furniture are well-curated and trigger an unbecoming drooling problem in me. Lynn prides herself on finding items that can't be seen everywhere, "the unique find" is her specialty. In today's Thingy Thursday, I would like to introduce you to Lynn and her collections and celebrate her undying passion for the glitz and glamour of bygone eras.

So, without further delay, I'd like you to meet Lynn and read her answers to a few nosey questions I posed:

What was your first collection?

My first collection(s) began when I was a young girl; everything including stationary (we had limited to choose from back in the day), stickers, beads, food-shaped candles, blown glass animals, happy face pinback buttons (yes, this was the 1960's/'70's), and much more than I can remember!

The latter years I was living the single life and not much into collecting.  Once I was in my 30's, I resumed my collecting. The first collection were some wacky 50's inspired lamps made by the Moss Lamp Company. Crazy figurines on lucite bases that moved, with funky lampshades. Then other
collections followed such as antique French crowns, Bakelite jewelry, lady portraits, mannequins and more. The one that "stuck" and still remains a fixture in my home is my hotel silver collection.

How did this collections come about?

I was perusing this fabulous shop in San Francisco and saw a vignette of hotel silver. I had never seen it before and was drawn to its fancy logos of grand hotels, fine craftsmanship & design, and the patina of these old pieces, once used by white-gloved waiters serving the hotel patrons.

I purchased my first piece that day. A large old handled serving dome with the name "Ernie's" engraved in script across the front. Ernie's was an old well-known restaurant in San Francisco.

What's the history or story of your collection?  What's the draw - do emotions, design or function or something else make these items appealing?

There was no history or connection when I initially purchased my first piece of hotel silver, but it quickly followed. I found myself seeking out any hotel silver I could find. Pieces from the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco where several members of my family were married. Soon, many of my pieces of silver had memories of places that I had visited or knew the history of. And yes, the design makes these pieces so very appealing as well.

How many pieces of hotel silver do you own?

I have probably over 200 pieces of hotel silver in my collection.

Do you use, display or store them?

Fortunately we live in a 1930s home with a breakfast nook that has built-in open-face cabinets. I keep the silver mainly concentrated in this room. I do store some of it, as it needs frequent polishing, and when natural light hits the silver it tarnishes quickly. Not fun!

What is the most you've paid for a piece of hotel silver?

I don't really remember, but I'm guessing around $500-600.

What is the least you've paid for a piece of hotel silver?

I have paid as little as $20.

What is your favorite piece of hotel silver?

A large Victorian water pitcher from the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.  It's quite ornate and extremely rare.

Any tips for collecting hotel silver?

Mix and match – All of my silver is assorted. I buy pieces that I like, so most of the teapots, creamers and pitchers in my collection are strictly decorative, not for serving purposes.

Some collectors strictly want hotels that have personal meaning, others go for design alone, and some just want to use pieces for serving and want the hotel quality and grade. Go for what you like and what strikes a cord.  Raised crests, cute shapes, monograms are always popular.

Look for manufacturers such as Reed and Barton, Gorham and International Silver Company. They produced most of the hotel silver in the USA.

Where do you find hotel silver?

Scour antique shops, flea markets, auctions and online.

What other collections are you building?

Hmmm...I am trying not to, as I have no more space and hate living in a cramped and crowded environment! But, I have a small collection of vintage oil paintings of San Francisco that I add to once and awhile.

Would you sell or pass on your collections?

Actually, I do sell selected pieces from my collection on my website. I found that it grew so much that I had to start selling some of it. It's difficult to part with, but I just can't have it all!

Photos courtesy, Lynn Goldfinger-Abram, Paris Hotel Boutique, Kate Sears, Home Companion, and Parisian Events

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