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Olivia's Mad Hatter Half Birthday Tea Party

LeAnn Stephenson

I'd like to begin this post with a story about my aunt, my mom and my daughter, Olivia.  Olivia has many fans, her great aunt and grandmother being two with the title of "The Biggest."  One is her NanNan, a 68-year-old connoisseur of all things luxurious with whom she shares a passion for haute couture, poetry and Rod Stewart.  The other is her Grandmommy, a 78-year-old giver of hugs and kisses with whom she shares the love of baking, good family stories and Gone With the Wind . . . . other than her brother, Liv would rather be with NanNan and Grandmommy more than pretty much any two people in the world, including me.

The result of this bond results in lots of wonderful gifts and experiences being given to both of my babies - the most recent of these being a "Mad Hatter Half Birthday Party" at the Tea Embassy here in Austin thrown by Olivia's NanNan and Grandmommy.  Along with our marvelous teas, we had delicious morsels to nosh on from Austin Catering.  And as you might expect, since I'm the Mommy, I reaped the benefits of their generosity and I would like to share some photos of our time - I hope you enjoy and get all inspired and junk! 

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