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Wedding Bar: Vintage Coupes & Cocktails

LeAnn Stephenson

it’s no secret that we’re unabashedly obsessed with vintage champagne coupes!  If you’re looking for romantic and graceful our crystal coupe collection can’t be rivaled. So to make our case we’ve collaborated on a great little signature drink idea for an upcoming Open House & Tour Date with The Alexander at Creek Road on September22, 2019 from Noon to 4:00 PM.

The Crack Cocaine of Antique Shows

LeAnn Stephenson

I'm an antique show slut.

I visit shows all year long, selling and shopping. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than visiting with and making purchases from my fellow vintage and antique dealer friends.

One of my all-time favorite shows is Antiques Weekend in Round Top, Texas.  Round Top, in case you're unaware, is the crack cocaine of the antique's show world and happens to be going on right this very minute (September 21 - October 5, 2013!) The field that I set up in is called The Texas Rose and is located directly across from Marburger Farms at 2075 South State Highway 237, Round Top, Texas 78954.  You'll find directions from Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio here.

Bottom line, I "owe" this show; I wouldn't own my own business or be an out-of-control vintage collector (AKA hoarder) without it!  And the only shopping advice I have to offer is to forget portion control … it is futile! … there are just too many vintage and antique goodies to pass up!

I just drooled …hmmm … perhaps an intervention is in order …

I emailed these clips and photos to my talented son, Noah, and he put this video together for me.  He even supplied the music for it!  That's him on the guitar, playing one of his original tunes!!  

Retro Redo: Mid Century Credenza

LeAnn Stephenson

Recently, I had the pleasure of hiring the marvelously talented women of Evolve Media in Austin to help me brand my website, boost my social media marketing, and increase my search engine visibility.  Evolve Media's principal, Morgan Avary, and her marketing director, Shelley Schmidt, have analyzed my existing website, researched my niche in the vintage and antique industry, and have developed a two-part branding plan that will be implemented and launched within the next couple of weeks.  "Excited" really doesn't fully cover my enthusiasm and anticipation for this "strategies implementation!"  And, as if that wasn't enough, my company and I have had the added bonus of working together with Evolve Media in an interior design collaboration that will, in essense, brand Evolve Media from the inside out! This finished project is to serve as an example of how they create brand identities for their clients.  The plan is to take their company's color palette and implement it within their interior design.  This will further cement their corporate identity and serve as an example of just how far a business can take its branding strategies.

So, without further adieu, it's time for a little show and tell from the last few days of our collaboration. We started with a mid-century credenza that Miss Avary purchased from The Vintage Laundry's Prime Time Custom Collection. As it happens, my client is crazy for turquoise, and as a matter of fact, it is one of the hues in her company's corporate identity color scheme . . . so, of course, we had to use it on the credenza.

Some paint, a smooth surface roller, a drop cloth, an hour and a couple of creative minds, and Voila!, a stunning, totally reworked vintage credenza, ready to serve as their coffee bar in their common room.

Make sure and check back frequently to see the progress we are making on this venture!

City Wide This Weekend

LeAnn Stephenson

Well, I hope those of you who are brand loyal to Jesus enjoyed your Easter weekend.  I myself am of that persuasion and had a lovely weekend with my kids, my niece and my brother-in-law.  We attended our church services as a group and then my bro-in-law treated all of us to a marvelous lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

This weekend my plans are a little different - I will be showing at the City Wide Garage Sale at the Palmer Events Center here in Austin.  I've been preparing other goodies for this weekend's (April 30th and May 1st) City Wide Garage Sale at Palmer Events Center here in Austin. My booth is #221 near the red skirted info desk. There is a $7 charge to park in the garage or there is a free parking lot at One Texas Center on the Southwest corner of So. First and Barton Springs, as well.

Saturday morning between 8:30am - 10am, City Wide offers early shopper passes for $10 each.  This allows those who so choose to have early access to the show and get first dibs on vendors' merchandise before the general admission customers enter at 10am.

I hope you get a chance to come and see me, cuz I have some really marvelous goodies this show!

Have a great weekend and I'll see every back here Monday!

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Blog It forward: Inspiration

LeAnn Stephenson

Thanks to The Sweetest Occasion for passing the baton on to me during the Blog It Forward - made possible by Victoria from sfgirlbybay - Thanks so much!  And on Tuesday the blogger mash up  continues with The Wandering Writer.

I have many sources of inspiration that might give insight into the way I work. My passions are many and various: from art, music and books to flowers and gardening to family and friends. So here is what inspires me:



Along with VeraTricia Guild and Florence Broadhurst provide constant inspiration.



Sites and podcasts like Selected Shorts, The Moth, and The New Yorker Fiction Podcasts



As Erma Bombeck said, "If you can't make it better, you can laugh at it."

Photos courtesy Erma Bombeck, Haven Kimmel, Sloane Crosley, David Sedaris, Amy Sedaris, and  Simon Rich.  Logos courtesy Selected Shorts, The Moth, and The New Yorker Fiction Podcasts.

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The "Anthropologie" of Austin

LeAnn Stephenson

It's possible that it's just my civic pride getting carried away here, but presently, I'm throwing my hat up into the air, a la Mary Tyler Moore, because some of my favorite places and some of Austin's most nostalgic landmarks have been used as backdrops for the models in the new June Anthropologie catalogue. I think it reads more like a tour guide than a summer collection catalogue - love it!

Additionally, Anthropologie has collaborated with Nashville printers Hatch Show Print to produce this inspiring issue. Scattered throughout the catalogue are amazing print elements, as well as a frame-worthy back cover.

Photo credits: Anthropologie

Grey Gardens

LeAnn Stephenson

For your amusement, here's a list of items I have painted in the past 24 hours.

1) My Golden Retriever, A.J. - his tail swished across the freshly primed leg of a shield back chair

2) My black Chuck Taylor's - apparently depth perception is not my forte'

3) A.J., . . . again - he's slowly turning into 100 lb Grey Schnauzer

4) A pair of vintage Louis chairs, 2 benches, 1 chandelier, 1 shield back chair, 1 Mid Century side chest, 1 Asian side chest

5) Our deck, my neck

6) My inner thigh, A.J.s inner thigh

7) My nails

8) A pretty picture

Primed pieces waiting for their paint color. Some will need upholstery - some may need some mirror or new drawer pulls.

If I ranked my least favorite ways to pass a day, painting my latest vintage finds out in the blazing Texas sun would fall somewhere between a visit to the "snatch doctor" and watching a 4-year-old with too much hair product in her extensions with a flaming baton compete in the talent portion of the "Ain't She Sweet Beauty Pageant" down at the Wash & Lube. In the past few weeks a string of vintage furniture pieces with exceptional design pedigrees have come into my possession. So, in the spirit of reuse, repurpose, and rework, I had no choice but to strap on my low VOC paint drenched brush and give these vintage beauties a new life.

To be honest, the eco-friendly agenda isn't my main concern. My real motive is far more selfish and shallow. You see, I need to produce some cash flow so that I can maintain my degenerate shopaholic status and dig up and purchase more vintage treasures. So, to indulge my thrifting addiction (and it truly is an illness) sans the bitter aftertaste of shame and guilt, I will be listing these pieces on my website and Etsy store in the next few days.

And like "Big Edie" and "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, from the Grey Garden story, these charming vintage furniture pieces have a glamour that will never fade.