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Girl Friday: Vintage Airstream Porn

LeAnn Stephenson

I figured I would kick off the weekend with a little of what I like to call "Vintage Airstream porn."

As I've mentioned before, when I was a little girl, my younger sister and I called Airstream trailers "baked potatoes" because of their obvious resemblance to how a russet potato looks when wrapped in foil before being placed in the oven for baking.  As an adult I have an inexplicable need to own an Airstream and fix it up with some quirky, fun paint and upholstery and stuff. I periodically just put the word "Airstream" or "vintage Airstream" into Google and see what comes up. Just last week I came across some great inspiration via the marvelous blog Green Wedding Shoes.

Vintage Airstreams create instant nostalgia wherever they are, so it only seems a natural choice for intimate events like weddings, girls night out gatherings, etc.  I'm thinkin' they could also be perfect for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. One I came across that could easily add a unique flare to your festivities is a piece of cake - literally!  Cupcakes to be precise from cupcake entrepreneurs Amber Joy Vander Vilet and Kevin Vander Vilet.  Known for their inventive flavors with nods to California's wine country like:  Vanilla Mascarpone Chardonnay, Caramel Pinot, Cherry Apple Chardonnay, Tangerine Mint Mimosa, and Cherry Vanilla Merlot.  Their business is Enjoy Cupcakes.  Can't you just imagine your guests' delight in being served those yummy treats out of an adorable restored vintage Shasta trailer, no less.  The marvelous photos above and below are courtesy of Jose Villa.

How fun would it be if you had a vintage airstream come and serve as your bar?  Well, one such place, based in Portland, Oregon called the Tin Cantina, offers their airstream for private parties and does just that.  I'm having another "wish-I-would-have-thought-of-that" moments!  What a marvelous idea - love it!  The photos below are courtesy of Blue Window Creative.

Another concept crafted by two New Jersey brothers, Walter and Patrick Hessert, is not of the goodies or drink persuasion but is just as creative.  They  are embarking on The ULTIMATE American Road Trip. They have named it The Million Dollar Road Trip and it launches on July 4, 2010 from somewhere in the Midwest.  Over the course of one year, they are going to drive over 40,000 miles. Along the way they will visit 48 states and 50 of the largest cities in the USA. Their route is planned around notable events that we will attend. Among those are the Milwaukee Summer Fest, Burning Man Festival, Sundance Film Festival, TED Conference, and the New Orleans Jazz Fest, to name just a few.  You can follow their travels and discoveries on Facebook and Twitter.

This is more than just a road trip, however.  The brothers are selling advertising space on the exterior of their Airstream. These advertisers will be promoted through their Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere on the web. Check details here.

They will be chronicling American small business along the way through their blog. Their feeling is that an entrepreneurial spirit and people who are committed to doing what they love is alive and strong in American, and they want to showcase it and award Inspiration Grants to young Americans who are pursuing their passions. Every two weeks, with their fans’ help, they will choose a young American who has inspired them. The winner will be profiled on their site and will receive a cash grant.  Bravo you two - and safe travels!  The photo above is courtesy The Million Dollar Road Trip.

Here in Austin it is kind of amazing the number of businesses run out of vintage Airstreams. So, I figured I could check 'em out and report back with a post or twelve on local Airstream and trailer businesses in Austin.  But, until then, you can read a few more "airstream porn" posts I have made here and here.

Have a marvelous weekend and I'll see you next week!

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Curb Service: Adelante Boutique

LeAnn Stephenson

To say that I'm so excited that I might just spontaneously combust at any moment might be putting it mildly.

Some people might say I'm over reacting.

Some people might ask, "Have you taken your meds this morning?"

Some people might think to themselves, "This girl needs to reel in her enthusiasm just a touch!"

And, to be perfectly honest, some of these people might have a valid point, but some people don't know about the massive crush I have on Airstream trailers. So, here's what I'm all hyper and buzzin' about:

Adelante is an Austin based boutique owned by my friend, Tricia Roberts. She carries gorgeous clothing, a fantastic collection of vintage boots and jewelry & accessories, and all at a more-than-reasonable prices. Tricia has also introduced one-of-a-kind furniture with a girly twist.

And, since Adelante means onward or forward, Tricia is introducing her very own, very fashion forward rack on wheels! Tricia and her team have retro-fitted an Airstream trailer and made it available for rental for your very own shopping soiree with friends. You can also look for them to be setting up shop on a curb near you, pulling up and bringing sales and trunk shows all around the Austin area.

So, to kick off this wonderful idea, she and others have put together a launch party for Adelante's Website and Curb Service concept. The party is Thursday, September 10th, beginning at 6pm at 26 Doors Shopping Center here in Austin. This event will be sponsored by Tribeza Magazine, Savvy Vodka of Austin, and Coco Paloma Desserts. There will be live music by the Dennis Ludiker Trio, with their signature mix of swing and jazz.

A portion of the sales will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And, the first 50 people will receive a swag bag filled with goodies!

Now go, shop online here. And visit there blog here.

Images courtesy Adelante Boutique.

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I'll Take a Baked Potato - Hold the Sour Cream and Cheese

LeAnn Stephenson

Camping hit my family pretty hard in the 1970s. Camping is one of the "Six Wonders of My Universe," the other five being the word Thesaurus (Is there another word for it?), Cured Ham (What disease did it have?), the word Lisp (That was kinda mean to put an "s" in the word - don'cha think?!), the Alphabet (Why is it in that order?), and Cows (Can they laugh? And if so, does milk shoot out of their noses?)

When I was a little girl, my younger sister and I called Airstream trailers "baked potatoes" because of their obvious resemblance to how a russet potato looks when wrapped in foil before being placed in the oven for baking. I take my actual baked potato with everything on it - because being overly indulgent and unhealthy is all part of my mystique - it's practically written into my irreverent blogger job description. Its listed right after "Is this woman on medication?" and just before, "I hope she has a good attorney!"

Dorothy: Fine artist Sarah Pratt stuck to a theme inspired by the Wizard of Oz's heroine's dress and carried it through to the smallest detail. Every surface of this trailer is covered in light blue and white polka dots

As an adult I have an unexplainable need to own an Airstream and fix it up with some quirky, fun paint and upholstery and stuff. I periodically just put the word "Airstream" or "vintage Airstream" into Google and see what comes up. On Sunday evening I came across some great inspiration via The Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town, Africa. I would gladly camp if I were offered accommodations in any of these "Baked Potatoes!"

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: This trailer by Mark and Joe Stead is the only one that comes with a bunk bed. And, of course, the closet is stocked with plushy bear suits!

Mark Stead has a great video on his YouTube channel you can find here.

The Grand Daddy Hotel believes that luxury shouldn’t exclude playfulness. That conviction is perfectly illustrated in its "penthouse" trailer park. A collection of vintage Airstream caravans are nestled beneath the backdrop of Table Mountain. Each of the 7 two-sleeper trailer suites have been conceptualized and designed by local artists and makes for an accommodation destination like no other.

My "unexplainable" has turned into an "Unreasonable stalker-esque" need!

Love of Lace: Tracy Lynch utilizing her favorite color pink to create an extremely feminine boudoir.

Pleasantville: Liam Mooney, the creative director of WhatiftheWorld as well as the creative director of the Penthouse Park project, decorated his trailer as a 50s style home. Using colors and fabrics from that era. He even stocked the bookcase with mid century cheesy romantic novels!

Afro Funk: Carla Soudien was inspired by the street fashion of Cape Town, South Africa

The Ballad of John & Yoko: Tasmin Relly, Cara Rose and Chloe Townsend dedicated their trailer to the most iconic couple John Lennon and Yoko Ono and their 1969 Bed-In for Peace. The bed that takes up 3/4 of the entire space and is accessorized with a few simple items, like a guitar, some records, and a few books.

Earthcote Moontides: Susan Woodley's and Brigitte Dewberry's ethereal trailer is all about taking trek. Pearly, luminescent textures and muted earth tones lend to this trailer's dreamy existence.

All photos courtesy of The Grand Daddy Hotel.

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