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Girl Friday: Big Thinkin'

LeAnn Stephenson

I don't know about you, but I do some of my best "big thinkin'" when I'm preforming tasks like ironing a load of vintage tablecloths or painting a vintage find.  The topic of most of my "big thinkin'" recently has been how I'm going to re-finish my master bath walls and how, using my original direction of Chinoiserie wallpaper, am I going to make them my own.  My original thought was to just flat-out copy the design of vintage Chinoiserie wallpapers, and then I  remembered a couple of pages I had pulled out of some shelter magazines last year. 

Those pages and two of my most favorite "big thinkin'" spots - my garden and my bathtub - gave me my direction.  I have found that given enough alone-time in either place, I emerge a new woman - a new woman with a million ideas!  The ideas range from ones of global significance, like how to solve all of the world's problems, to ideas with very little global significance, like how to re-decorate every inch of my house.  Below are examples of some of the latter:

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