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Happy Birthday Tin Man

LeAnn Stephenson

Today is the Hubbs birthday and I'd like to recognize it with a little something more than my usual speech entitled, "Sorry Your Birthday is Overshadowed by Christmas but I'm Pretty Sure Your Birthday Would Have Been a Bigger Deal If You Had Been Conceived by a Virgin." So, I decided to get him one of those cards with a photograph of a couple caught in one of those nauseatingly "I love you so much it hurts" trances, and underneath their picture is printed the phrase, "You Complete Me." On the inside I wrote what I think is a lovely sentiment:
I don't mean to get all "Jerry Maguire" on you here, but my life truly would not be the same without you - honestly, I mean that! I'm speaking from my heart here. (But I do wish you weren't so old . . . . and maybe you could draw a bigger salary. . . and YOWZA! Do you need a haircut . . . . . . . but any who . . . . I hope you have a Happy Birthday.)

As I tossed it to him racing out the door to finish up some Christmas shopping, I said, "Hope you appreciate this, I spent 4 seconds looking through all the cards at the "Stop & Rob" and then stood behind this guy in line who kinda creeped me out cuz he reminded me of the fella I had to sit next to in 9th grade algebra who raised chinchillas and smelled like broccoli!"

Yeah . . . . what can I say, I just bleed sentiment . . . . I know . . . . . . I'm soooo "touchy-feely" and thoughtful and junk.

Happy birthday my love - you are still "as fine as a dime!"

Photos are from a "make-out-sesh" in a photo booth on his birthday in 1993.

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