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Going Coastal Instead of Postal

LeAnn Stephenson

So, here I sit tapping away at my keyboard while stuffin' my cake-hole with sugar cookies and dreaming of a white Christmas - but if the white runs out, I'll drink the red - HA! I sleigh me! - get it "sleigh" instead of "slay!" Obviously, I've found my Christmas "Spirit" or shall I say, "Spirits?" I have to be honest here and let you know I'm good for at least another 5 or 6 more puns, so brace yourselves! In the last 48 hours, I've gone from zero to "freaking-festive" in like, no time flat. As those of you who read my last post know, I have had an extremely hard time this year getting hyped for the holiday season. It's been like an episode of the "True Tales from the Grinchy-Humbuggity Club" around here, but no longer. I'm practically Cindy Lou Who and all the citizens of Whoville put together, only with extra "Ya-hoo-door-ray" on the side.

It might be the "happy pills" talking here, but I reckon my newly-found merriment is due to a combination of several different events. To begin with, I was serenaded into a "right jolly old soul" by my childrens' holiday choir concerts this week. Additional factors helped as well, namely . . . . A little booze . . . . The onset of chilly temperatures . . . . A little more booze . . . . . And the arrival my of my Coastal Living. I've been flipping through it's pages and have been inspired to not only to deck the halls, but throw a party after the decking, cook for said shindig, and become a little bit more cocktail-savvy as a bartender. I even found a solution to a few hard to buy for friends in the 50 Coastal Finds Under $50 pages. And, if you will indulge me, I'd like to share some photos that are sure to increase your serotonin and "Ya-hoo-door-ray" levels . . . . Cuz, that's me . . . . I'm a giver!

I was inspired to get creative with my displays. Here they had a groovy idea for those without a fireplace. They cleverly hung Christmas stockings on an old cherry-picking ladder and suggested that when the china’s taking up table space, display holiday cards in a glass cabinet. I've also decided I NEED that cabinet!

Christmas is at my house this year, which droves of family all needing a place to sleep. Naturally, I loved this idea of outfitting extra spaces with coastal touches like nautical ornaments, tiny spruces in red pots decorating the coffee table, along with swags of garland - so happy and bright!

I am quite enamored with the beachcomber ideas. Beach finds can be used anywhere, for example, to trim the tree or front door, or even decorate wrapped gifts. The idea of using a large sea star at the top of the wreath instead of a bow gives me tons of ideas for my front door. Tons of other great ideas can be found here.

At my shindig, I plan on spreading the love with these crowd-pleasing appetizers. I'm thinkin' the smoked salmon and fingerling potatoes look mighty tasty and the peppered pancetta-wrapped shrimp look yummerific, as well! You can find both recipes here and here.

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