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Super gr-8888888-t wedding videos

LeAnn Stephenson

I thought I would share a post that I recently made on my series of weekly posts called Vintage Wednesday.

I just . . . I wish so many things. I wish I had some sort of carbonated beverage in my hand right this minute. I wish I had my stimulus check already. I wish I had Gisele Bündchen's body. And, I wish I had thought of this idea for my wedding video. I know . . . I know . . . your asking, "What is 'vintage' about video? Well, read on you vintage vixens.

There is a growing trend in the wedding video industry these days, whereby, a couple's special day can be shot entirely on the timeless medium of Super 8mm film. Super 8 film stock offers the modern couple a distinctively vintage feel to their wedding videography. The grain in this film gives a warm, vintage, extra romantic quality that enhances the memory of your wedding and all the events that lead up to it. If a couple would like to present a more artful and nostalgic retelling of their wedding day, this may be just the thing. Subtle in its approach, most are set almost entirely to music, with some natural audio woven in from the ceremony and reception, can run anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. A combination of imagery, audio and music is carefully chosen to portray the styles and personalities of the bride and groom. These Super 8 films deliver an experience that transports anyone who views them back to all the emotions, rhythms and moods of that special day. And, these films seem to mean so much more than just conveying the chronology of the day's events, seeming more like the storytelling and cinematography you might find on the big screen.

More and more creative talent is popping up all over the country. As a matter of fact, I found some wonderful examples on Youtube and Vimeo.

Super 8 Film - Bridal Elegance - Jessica from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

This was a Bridal Elegance shoot that was done at the Ambassador House in Fishers, Indiana by Northernlight Filmworks. They shot this video with Super 8 film utilizing color and black and white stock.

Another Super 8 film I found on Youtube is the Parisian wedding of Stuart and Michelle. It was shot in color and black and white super 8 film by Olivier Lalin. It opens with a misty shot of the Eiffel Tower set to Edith Piafs' vintage tune, La Vie En Rose.

The a husband and wife team of Artifact Documentaries is another great resource, with lots of information on their blog. When I was researching this post I was so pleased to find Life Stage Videography's blog that suggested several questions that a couple should ask when considering such an investment. And, an investment it is. Costs begin around $1,700. So, make sure and ask things like: How will my movie sound? How do you handle lighting? How do you vary your shots? How do you plan to tell the story of my day? How long will it take to get my finished movie? Are you ‘preferred’ by the other companies I’ve hired? May I see other clients’ movies and read what they had to say about you? How do you get your shots without being ‘in the way’? Why are your services more expensive/less expensive than other companies? What do you do to make sure our movie is unique to our personalities?

In conclusion, as with all your choices, make sure that this one reflects you and your groom and have a gr-8888-t wedding day. See what I just did there . . . I used 8 instead of "-eat" - Ha! I slay me! See you next "Vintage Wednesday!"

LeAnn Stephenson is an Austin-based vintage collector and textile enthusiast and founder of The Vintage Laundry and stocks an online Etsy store, as well as writing a blog called The Vintage Laundress.