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"Day Light Saving"

LeAnn Stephenson

MY HUSBAND: You look tired. You know it’s really 5:30 in the morning - cuz of daylight savings

ME: bleary-eyed, blank, unblinking stare . . .

MY HUSBAND: your hair is kinda uncharacteristically (insert splayed finger motion above his head.) Have you had your Diet Dr. Pepper yet?

ME: small saliva thread dangling from the corner of my mouth like a cellophane noodle . . . blank, unblinking stare . . .

MY HUSBAND: Alrighty then . . . call you later . . . smooch on the forehead

. . . .AND SCENE.

Though Daylight Saving Time was common practice in the ancient world, Benjamin Franklin resurrected the idea in a 1784 satire. Franklin’s suggestion was simply that people should get up earlier in summer. He is often erroneously attributed as the inventor of modern DST, while William Willett, who was the first to propose it in 1907, is often ignored. Well, fella’s, I’m none too pleased with either of you at this moment in time!

I’ll gather my thoughts (and my saliva) and return with something wonderful and inspirational tomorrow morning . . .

Now I’m tired, please make it stop!