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About LeAnn

Presently LeAnn is standing with her back to an open refrigerator door with a box of frozen waffles at the nape of her neck, so she asked that I write this profile for her.  She’s trying to speed the cool down process.  She is one of those people who was born in 1965, so every fifteen minutes or so her body begins to melt from the inside out thanks to, what she can only assume means that she is either radioactive, she's that guy that catches on fire from the Fantastic Four movie, or she’s menopausal.

As a child she loved to clean, so much so, that when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered, 'A maid’! She still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but she still thinks those maid outfits rock!  Also, she shows a lot of prowess in taking very long, very hot baths. And, as you may have already guessed, she owns The Vintage Laundry.  She used to be a brunette, an illustrator and graphic designer, and six feet and one inch tall, among other things. She's never been an especially health conscious soul and drinks far too many Diet Dr. Peppers.  In fact, she has a standing order with her children, stating that if she should die while waiting in line at the McDonalds, they are to drag her body to the Whole Foods across the parking lot, prop her up at the juice bar and then call for EMS.

Additionally, she thinks its only fair to warn you about a few things:

 1. Her feet look like they were purchased at a flea market after all the real feet were gone.

2.   She's a storytelling binger -  a good book … or movie ... or cable series.  She loves the feeling of being taken out of herself by a good story.

3.   She irrationally mortgages what little logic she owns to preserve the belief that Diet Dr. Peppers have some nutritional value.

4.  Every single morning of her life she compiles a list in her head entitled "You Can Get back In, but You Can't Pee Here: Reasons to Get Out of Bed."

4.  She's a hugger.  In terms of emotional comfort, it's her belief that no words can match the healing powers of a properly-given hug.

8.  Her family is very important to her - She won the lottery there!

Oh!  Also, she would love to get an email from you explaining your event rental needs. . .